How should Ontario control the cosmetic use of pesticides?


“Cosmetic pesticide” refers to any pest control product used to improve the appearance or aesthetics (Pesticides, 2008). As the cosmetic pesticide beautifies the grass, it has also formed harmful destruction to the children and pets. The aerosol pesticides that have organophosphorus and organochlorine are harmful to the health of human beings, especially to children or pets as they are less immune to these pesticides. These compositions are toxic to nervous system which leads to headache and dizziness and so on. Therefore, the control of cosmetic use of pesticides is necessary and urgent.

Ontario banned the cosmetic pesticides on Earth Day, April 22, 2009. The government passed the Pesticides Act. According to the Pesticides Act, the government has taken series of measures to control the cosmetic use of pesticides (Pesticides Act, 2009). On the use of pesticide use, the Ministry of the Environmental provides education and training on responsible use of these pesticides. Meanwhile, it also monitors and enforces compliance. Except for the education and training, the Ministry also has more regulations on the transportation, storage and disposal of pesticides. For the selling of pesticides, there are more requirements. For example, the sellers have to have licenses. With the implementation of the act, Ontario’s lawns, gardens, school yards as well as parks are much healthier (Ontario to ban cosmetic use of pesticides, 2010).


Except for the policies that illustrated above, there are also some available suggesting polices. First, the Ontarian government can raise the tax on pesticides. If the tax on pesticides is raised, the cost will be increased. Then the related industries or farmers will reduce the use of pesticides. Second, the government can announce the private ownership of pesticides. The related government department has the sole right to sell pesticides or the government authorizes some company to sell pesticides. If there is any illegal selling of pesticides, there will have serious punishment. Third, the more fundamental or scientific way to control the use of the pesticides is the application of the Integrated pest management (IPM). The government can apply this more ecological approach to control pests through a range of practices for economic control of a pest. Fourth, for the farmers, the government can instruct the farmers to have crop rotation to avoid the peak of pests.



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