This paper discussed on the interesting relationships in accounting and marketing dyad. Start with the basic understanding in accounting such as concepts and its branches, the paper further explained the services accounting offer for marketing. In the discussion of two important items in marketing and accounting, the marketing brand and accounting information, the paper goes into the key problems of the two and argued that a smooth communication for accounting and marketing is a mutual benefit to them.

Accounting and Marketing

Accounting is considered as a specialized subject that concerns with the collection, recording, storage and summary on primarily financial data in order to serve and communicate with interested parties. Despite that accounting generally takes up the roles of collecting, recording, analysing and communicating financial information, its definition is different depending on the accounting subject and varied in different accounting associations. The American Accounting Association defined accounting as “the process of identifying, measuring and communicating economic information to permit informed judgement and decisions by the users of information”. The Accounting Standard Board, on the other hand, takes a broader view on the functions of accounting for that accounting “provide information about the financial position, performance and financial adaptability of an enterprise that is useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions.” Generally speaking, accounting has two important branches in its study: financial accounting and management accounting. The management accounting mainly serves for information providing in order to make decisions for management and executives, namely, the internal users (Barker, 2007). The financial accounting on the contrary, aims at the external users such as shareholders and stakeholders. For them, the financial accounting also provides them with information for decision making. The paper, however, focus on management accounting, for the reason that management accounting focusing on the management information for internal users such as management and executors. 

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