This report includes two major parts , occupational research and personal analysis . Occupational research reports on the job opportunities for new graduates in marketing industry. It researched on Unilever , Barclays , Ogilvy & Mather , Kitcatt Nohr , The Central Office of Information and British Red Cross , as well as their requirements for employees and selection process. Personal analysis matches my personal situation with the results of occupational research in order to find the gaps and to further work out CV, Covering Letter and Career Action Plan.

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Introduction —————————————————————————————-3

Section 1 Occupational Research ————————————————————–3

1. Terms of reference —————————————————————-3

2. Methodology————————————————————————3

3. Main Findings———————————————————————–5

Section 2 Personal Analysis ———————————————————————-8

1. Personal analysis——————————————————————–8

2. CV and covering letter————————————————————-9

3. Gap analysis ————————————————————————-9

4. Career action plan——————————————————————10

Conclusion ——————————————————————————————-10





Section 1 Occupational Research


1. Terms of reference


Marketing has been chosen as the object of this report , which aims to explore relevant information that is needed for a new graduates who is going to take marketing as future profession . Marketing ‘ covers those activities that relate the organization to those parts of the outside world that use, buy sell or influence the outputs it produces and the benefits and services it offers ( O’Shaughnessy , 1995 , p . 4 ) ’. Besides , Marketing is not merely related to business . It is worth noting that  ‘ whether an organization has patrons and clients or creditors and customer is irrelevant to the need to carry out , implicitly or explicitly ,activities that are essentially of a marketing nature ’ ( O’Shaughnessy , 1995 , p . 6 ) . Thus , there are a large number and variety of opportunities in marketing area.


2. Methodology 


The report adopts method of secondary research . Secondary research is the principal method of this report that it accesses a wide range of resource . It covers various information available online, involving graduates careers websites ,such as , ,and Gradutecareer . com , general job websites including , Reed and , as well as employment statistics provided by the Times and business database available to graduates , along with Job & Career on studynet. Besides , the report also utilizes off-line resources such as newspaper and brochures .


After a substantial review , the report finally focused on six organizations that have opportunities for graduates in the area of marketing. In order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of marketing area , the report included different kind of organizations involving with different markets ,different size , different type , and profit or non – profit . These six organizations chosen by this report are :


– Unilever

– Barclays

– Ogilvy & Mather

– Kitcatt Nohr

– The Central Office of Information

– British Red Cross


In these six organization , Unilever , Barclays and Ogilvy & Mather are large multinational corporations that operate all over the world , however , they are different types. Specifically , Unilever operates in consumer products including food , personal care products and so on ( Unilever , 2011 ); Barclays  provides financial service ( Barclays , 2011 ) ; Ogilvy & Mather is an international agency providing marketing service ( Ogilvy & Mather ) . Besides , Kitcatt Nohr is a small and medium sized company locates in London and carries on marketing business ; The Central office of Information is a public sector and British Red Cross is a non-profit organization.


3. Main Findings


(1) General Employment trends


Marketing is a crucial tool not only restricted to commercial firms but also needed by ‘ government , educational, religious, social service, and nonprofit organizations or institutions ’ ( Lake , 2003 , para .1 ). Thus , in marketing areas there are large number of opportunities for new graduates with a variety of positions in planning , promotion , product development , media relations ,sponsorship and market research ( Armstrong et al., 2009) . Referring to Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body ( MSSSB ) ( 2009 cited in Linssen , 2009 , para . 11 ) , there are approximately 6000,000 professionals working in marketing in UK in 2009 . According to a poll (CVtips , 2010 ), the job vacancies in marketing have experienced an increase of 14% since January 2008 . Specifically , according to a Q2 2009 Bellwether Report (2009) as cited in Linssen ( 2009 ,para.6) , ‘ currently , the industry is recording budget cuts at a slower rate than in 2008 and showing possible early signs of recovery from the recession with over 30% of marketing companies – including advertising and PR – reporting improved financial performance in the second quarter of 2009 ’. Thus , marketing is a promising area providing a great number and variety opportunities , at the same time , marketing is a competitive area attracting new entrants.


(2) Opportunities for recent graduates


The findings concerning opportunities in marketing area for recent graduates based on the research on the six selected organization is represented as follows.


Unilever positions itself as ‘ one of the world’s most successful consumer goods companies ’ and ‘ one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods ’( Unilever , 2011 ). Particular for graduates , Unilever provides exceptional prospects in both graduate programme and placement opportunities ( Unilever ,2011 ) . Marketing is one of eight business areas within Unilever and every year 30 to 40 graduate trainees are recruited from all over the world to join one of the eight business areas ( Unilever, 2011 ) . Unilever aims to provides its markers with exceptional career opportunities by support and empowerment ( Unilever , 2011).


Barclays is ‘ a major player in the world of financial service with over 140,000 employees in over 50 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific ’ ( Barclays, 2011). In Barclays , Future Leaders Development Programme (FLDP) is available for recent graduates , specifically there is Marketing & Products Leadership Programme which involves a wide range of disciplines including ‘ customer & competitive insight , brand management , customer marketing , innovation, product management &development and corporate affairs ’ ( Barclays , 2011 ).


Ogilvy & Mather is ‘ one of the top ten marketing communication firms worldwide and the leading global network in one to one marketing ’ ( Ogilvy & Mather ,2011 ) . Currently , there are more than 15,000 employees in 450 offices around the world.( Ogilvy & Mather ,2011 ) . Ogilvy & Mather also opens to new graduates that it offers a range of opportunities for marketing career , such as digital marketing , digital media & search marketing , mobile marketing , promotional marketing , loyalty marketing and so on ( Ogilvy & Mather , 2011 ).


Kitcatt Nohr is a London-based marketing agency founded in 2002 and leaded by Marc Nohr and Paul Kitcatt ( Kitcatt Nohr ,2011). Kitcatt Nohr is a promising agency that there are currently 65 staff , with 87% of them are confident with their skills and 73% of them believe there is chance to grow ( The Times , 2010 ). Different from big multinational corporations , there is no graduate scheme for graduates , however , Kitcatt Nohr offers regular internship that lasts for six months , which is an great opportunity for new graduates to ‘ gain working experience and learn about the agency environment ’( Kitcatt Nohr ,2011 ).


The Central Office of Information ( COI) is ‘ the Government’s centre of excellence for marketing and communications ( COI, 2011). There are various job options in COI such as flexitime and term-time only contracts and job sharing(The Times ,2010 ) . Besides , ‘ ongoing training and development ’will provides employees opportunities to create a rewarding career.


British Red Cross is ‘ the largest voluntary humanitarian organization in the world , which also offers opportunities in marketing and communications ( British Red Cross , 2011 ). It offers volunteer internships that lasts for 8 to 12 weeks , during which graduates can gain experiences by ‘ developing a project, conducting some research or planning an event ’ ( British Red Cross , 2011 ).


(3) The skills / knowledge and experience required


Working in Marketing area, ‘type of degree is not as important as work experience , enthusiasm and dedication ’( Linssen ,2009 ). Generally , there are some common characteristics recognized as important for a idealized marketer , which are ‘communication and interpersonal skills; social skills; teamwork; negotiation skills; initiative; creativity and imagination; flexibility; ability to cope under pressure and think strategically as the work often involves tight deadlines; and organisational skills ’ ( Linssen , 2009 ). However , specific to each organization , requirements vary .


Unilever draws up a series of competencies required by a leader ,called Standards of Leadership .including growth mindset, consumer and customer focus, bias for action , accountability and responsibility, building talent and teams( Unilever, 2011).Barclays identified seven key behavioral sets as criteria for future leaders , which are hunger & ambition , relationship building , organizational awareness , personal resilience & flexibility , pragmatism & common sense , creativity & innovation and international mindset ( Barclays ,2011 ).Ogilvy & Mather emphasizes the diversity and uniqueness of its employees . It sounds not complicated that ‘ if you have a unique point of view – we want to meet you ’ ( Ogilvy & Mather ,2011 ). People with unique ideas , experiences and perspective are encouraged to join Ogilvy & Mather . Similarly , Kitcatt Nohr looks for people who are creative and intelligent ( Kitcatt Nohr ,2011 ). COI is a public sector that it stresses ‘an understanding of government systems’(COI ,2011) and British Red Cross requires applicant ‘ demonstrate a strong interest in the voluntary sector ‘ (British Red Cross,2011).


(4) The selection


The selection processes are different among these six organizations. Unilever (2011) sets four stages which are the application for , the psychometric assessment , the telephone interview and the selection day. The selection day is the final stage involves ‘ a work simulation or in-tray exercise , group discussions, individual competency based interview and presentation exercise’. Similarly ,there are four steps in Barclays(2011) recruitment: online applications, online testing, situational judgment tests and assessment centre. For the rest of four organizations , the selection processes are not fully explained , the first steps are online application form following a message like ‘idealized applicants will be contact regarding next steps and interviews’(Ogilvy and Mather ,2011) .


Section 2 Personal analysis


1. Personal analysis 


My personal analysis includes three aspects ,which are qualification , experiences and skills .


Qualification : According to the above report , for most of opportunities in marketing area , a degree in marketing is not necessary and people from various background are prefer in marketing areas( Ogilvy & Mather ,2011). However, a at least 2:1 qualification is required by many organizations. Thus, I will make effort to obtain a 2:1 to make myself qualified in academic qualification.


Experiences : Experience is crucial in marketing industry. As a student , I don’t have professional experiences , however, I was a part-time shop assistant in Esprit for three months. It provides me excellent chance to gain practical experience by interacting with customers directly , which is valuable for a customer-oriented industry like marketing. Besides, I have interned as a marketing assistant for four weeks in Brightek (Europe) , a Taiwanese company in electronics , through which I gain valuable knowledge and tools of   marketing  , such as SWOT analysis , marketing mix and so on .


Skills: I have effective interpersonal communication skills , which I believes is important to working in marketing . Specifically, I am a good listener , at the same time, I am good at presenting my own ideas and opinions. Besides , I am a good team worker that I can coordinate with other team members effectively.


2. CV & Covering letter(see Appendices 1 and 2)


3. Gap Analysis


Firstly ,I need to enrich my experience and practical knowledge in marketing by intern , part-time or voluntary. Also , I can gain practical knowledge by reading and learning the up-date news and information concerning the marketing industry.


Secondly , according to the report, many organizations emphasize uniqueness , creativity and innovation. I feel I am weak in this aspect that I should take measures to cultivate my creative thinking.


What ‘s more , based on the above report, it is obvious that there are a great deal and variety of opportunities in marketing areas . Thus , I should refine my choice in a specific area and develop myself accordingly . For example , if I tend to do marketing in public sector, it is necessary that I should cultivate my understanding in government system.


Additionally , application and interview skills are also important . I should utilize the resource in UH Graduate Futures to strengthen myself in this aspect.


4. Career Action Plan (see Appendices 3)





After the above analyses on both marketing industry and my personal situation , I now have a clear idea about my position and the possibilities of the future direction . However, it is important for me to stick to the Career Action Plan and fill the gap step by step. What’s more , the marketing industry is dynamic ,I should keep myself up-date to the new trend and adjust my plan accordingly .











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Appendices 1  CV

Appendices 2  Covering Letter

Appendices 3  Career Action Plan

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