This report provides analysis on the event that Marin County, California filed a complaint against Deloitte for its role in SAP implementation, where Marin alleged that Deloitte committed fraud and misrepresented its skills and experience.

In this report, the writer believes the main contributor to this failure is that the two companies didn’t have enough communication channels, which finally lead to a different expectations and lack of monitoring and understanding between each other.

Both Marin and Deloitte in this case deny their responsibility on this project failure. However, the writer believes that both parties should be blamed for the failure and shares the responsibility together. However, the Deloitte should share a larger responsibility due to their poor management and misleading sales efforts.

SAP should be free from this law complaint as their SAP software programmes have been proven working properly in other similar public entities.

Project Failure

Table of Contents


1. Introduction4

2. Overview of the case4

3. Project management theories in relation to the case 5

3.1 Lack of communication5

3.2 Poor risk management 6

4. Project failure analysis 9

4.1 General sales practice in consulting and system integration industry9

4.2 Marin’s lack of experience with ERP 10

4.3 SAP’s absence from the complaint 11



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