Employment Report of Self-Employer in International Trade  


Table of Contents

Section 0: Introduction 2

Section 1: Business Research 3

1.1 Terms of reference 3

1.2 Methodology 3

1.3 General trends and opportunities for recent graduates 4

1.4 The skills / knowledge and experiences required 6

SECTION 2 – Personal Analysis, “Gap analysis”, and Career Action Plan 6

2.1 Personal analysis and gap analysis 6

2.2 Career action plan 6

SECTION 3 – Conclusions 7

SECTION 4  – References and Bibliography 7

SECTION 5 – Appendices 8

5.1 Resume 8

5.2 Career Action plan 9




Section 0: Introduction


In this report, I will present my research on the self-employment in the business trade between the Western countries and China. First, I will investigate the current status of the international business. Then I will analyze the employment opportunities and skills / knowledge and experiences for graduates. After that, in basis of my education background and skills, I will analyze my potential career, and “gap analysis”.  In addition, I will draw a conclusion and plan a Career Action.

Section 1: Business Research

1.1 Terms of reference

As an international student studying international trade in the UK, the author has a dream to be a self-employer in the business trade between the Western countries and China after he graduates from University of Hertfordshire. However, to achieve this dream, the author has to first investigate the current status and job market of the business trade. Moreover, the author has to analyze his potential career and plan a Career Action in basis of his education ground and skills.

1.2 Methodology

In this thesis the author will use multi methods such as literature review, the theory of economics, and some statistics methods, to investigate the current employment problems in intentional trade between the Western countries and China and the related job market.


First, a preparation for data collection and literature review will be conducted. The data collection can be done mainly through the references and reports. The data sources for this thesis include information from the official websites of organization, such as National Bureau of Statistics of China (www.stats.gov.cn).  These websites provide some official statistic data about the trend of the employment in the international business. Since these links are the official websites of the associated companies, and the information is regarded as highly reliable.

  • Information from the academic journals and books, reports or professional newspapers. Theseinclude the Journal of Wall Street, Bloomberg news. This information is also regarded as highly reliable.
  • Information from general websites, such as the mass media newspapers or websites, such as yahoo.com. This information is regarded as accurate in general.
  • Information from personal websites or blogs. The information obtained from this part is not totally reliable, but the author tried to use the information from well-known sites to verify this information. And the author judged the information from personal own experience and knowledge.


By using these data, we will analyze the data by some statistics methods and the theory of economics. After that, the author will present some relevant results to confirm our research.

1.3 General trends and opportunities for recent graduates

Today, China has been a leading worldwide exporter of various consumer goods, business supplies, industrial items and innovative products. A huge market share of the products was labeled “Made in China”. Anyone might hardly found any of unbranded products without that production tag of China.


China becomes the leading merchandise exporter. In 2009, China overtook Germany as the lead exporter of merchandise (CIA World Fact Book 2011). The United States remained in third position. Although the United States remained the world’s leading importer, its share in world imports was reduced from 13.1 per cent in 2008 to 12.7 per cent in 2009.  In contrast, China’s share in world merchandise imports increased from 6.9 per cent in 2008 to 7.9 per cent in 2009, resulting in China becoming the second largest world importer. China, Germany and the United States remain well ahead of other countries in terms of the total value of imports and exports (WTO 2010 ).


Fig.1 Leading economies of merchandise trade, 2009


Moreover Recently China became an important economy in finance. China has surpassed Germany and Japan in last several years, and today China is the second largest economy (GDP) behind the US (Barboza 2010; CIA World Fact Book 2010). Figure 2 depicts the GDPs in four countries in past ten years. Many observers believe that China’s GDP will surpass the US within ten years, and become the world largest economy (Barboza 2010). But in the eyes of western, China remains a closed communist country with uncirculated economy. The aim of this paper will focus on investigating the development of the core Chinese financial Institutions-banking.

Fig.2 Illustration of GDPs in four countries in past ten years

(CIA World Fact Book 2010)


Beyond the fast economic growth, there exist many employment need and business opportunities. Moreover, there exist some entry-level positions in this field. For instance, “China Talent Blue Book (2010)” pointed out that in 2010 the total number of the demand for talents in international trade will reach 0.793 million, a considerable demand for talent. According to Career Guidance Center of Ministry of Education of China, China’s annual economic class college graduates in the 0.13 people, even if all 0.13 million people engaged in foreign trade, there  exists a great talent supply and demand gap (International trade website (2010). Moreover, there exist many opportunities of the international trade between the Australian and China such as sales representatives and agents in clothes, painting and other industry. For example, today many Chinese sell the foreign goods to China or sell Chinese products to foreign countries from b2b, b2C and C2C websites such as taobao.com and ebay.com. One of good examples is about UGG, a snow boot derived from Australia. Some seller claimed that UGG was sold around one thousand per day in China.

1.4 The skills / knowledge and experiences required

First, to be self-employed in this field, people should be familiar with the policies and regulations of international business, such as finance, tariffs, laws, and the interpersonal communication to establish the connection. Moreover, people should be able to have working experiences on the business trade. During this process, the students can apply their professional knowledge what they learn from the class into practice.  In addition, self-employers should be good business senses learned from practice. For example they should be calm and can analyze the problems from the complicated business circumstance.


SECTION 2 – Personal Analysis, “Gap analysis”, and Career Action Plan

2.1 Personal analysis and gap analysis

I completed my college diploma in the major of international trade in 2009 from The University of International Business and Economics trade, China. Currently, I pursue my B.S. in Business Administration  at University of Hertfordshire in UK. Now I am in second year. I have learned many basic courses of business, economics, and management (please see my attached CV).  But to be a self-employer, I still lack some skills in some aspects shown as follows,


First, I still lack some professional knowledge on international trade. Although I finish some courses at University of Hertfordshire, I did not complete my undergraduate study. I will learn more advanced courses such as business ethic, Employability and Entrepreneurship in the next two years. There courses will further enhance my abilities which are needed to be a successful self-employer.


Next, I need to more work experiences, especially in a cross-cultural environment. Even thought I have learned the fundamental courses for international trade, I have no work experience for any company. Particularly the intentional trade is going to be multi-culture business. People have to communicate and negotiate with other in totally different background and culture. Under such condition it is very important for a businessman to understand the culture and social etiquette.  Even the author has studied in the UK for two years; he has learned and going to be familiar with the Western culture. But these learning is limited to the study on campus and mainly concentrates on the UK, not including other countries, such as the US, Japan, and German.


Moreover, currently the author can use English fluently communicate both in Chinese and English. At the university in China the author served as a monitor, and have a strong organizational ability and appeal to a positive face work and life. The author has strong communication skills and is able to actively interact with different people in different background.  However, these experiences and skills are limited to the study on campus and mainly concentrate on the UK, not including other countries.


2.2 Career action plan


First, the author will improve his professional knowledge in finance and international trade. For example, he will take more courses on the accounting at the University of Hertfordshire. Since the financial statement is the basic aspect of the business and will help the people to know and control a company. Therefore, I should acquire the basic skills of accounting .


In addition, he will apply more internships in UK, Australian, or China to enrich his work experiences in international trade.  He will learn the teamwork spirits and problem-target skills from these internships, which may pave a solid road to his future career development. In addition, depending on his circumstance, he may begin his start up after working for 1-2 years for some companies. Until he accumulates sufficient related experiences and business connections, he  will begin to do his business. Moreover, to achieve his dream, the author has designed a complete Career Action plan attached in the appendix. During this plan, the author makes a time map to realize his dream step by step in the next three.

SECTION 3 – Conclusions


In this report, the author presented his research on the self-employment in the business trade between the Western countries and China. Specially, he investigated the current status of the international business. Then, in basis of my education background and skills, I also analyzed my potential career and draw a conclusion. Meanwhile, I made a Career Action. Detailed CV and career action with a time schedule are attached in the Appendices.


However, this process of writing this report and even being a self-employer is very difficult for me. First, it takes me long time to conduct the research references to investigate the trend of international trade, particularly for the trade between the Western countries such as UK and Australian and China. Second, during the process, I have to reflect my strengths and weaknesses and specify them into the words. It is a tough step since I need to check myself carefully. In addition, to make a career action needs to considering the time and my future study, which was not clear for me.  But this process is a fruitful since it gives me useful conclusions. It makes me clear on my future and help me realize my career in the future


SECTION 4  – References and Bibliography

Barboza, David. (2010), China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy, New York

Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/16/business/global/16yuan.html.


CIA World Fact Book. (2011), Fortune “China is richer, but most Chinese are still poor”.

WTO (2010), International Trade Statistics 2010.


International trade website (2010), “The need for the talents in foreign trade is strong in 2010” (in Chinese). Retrieved from http://class.wtojob.com/class399_51503.shtml



SECTION 5 – Appendices

5.1 Resume


Street, UK,  XXXX @hhh.com     XXX-XXXX


Look for a full time position in international trade.



B.S. Business Administration                                                                                                07/2009-Present

University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom                                                                              GPA: 3.4/4

College diploma in international trade                                                                                                07/2009

The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), China                                    GPA: 3.3/4

Selected Honors and Awards


Scholarship awarded for two consecutive years at UIBE                                                               2007-2009


Foreign Language        Fluent in English, basic reading and writing in Japanese

Computer              Programming in C, Win 7/XP, Linux, Windows Office


Sports, entrepreneurship, fishing, photography, writing, mountain hiking, foreign and local travel


Demonstrated communication skills, leadership skills; a collaborative team player, proactive thinker and problem solver


5.2 Career Action plan


05/2012                     Take CPA Level 1 exam

05/2012                     Take some courses on interview skills

06/2012-08/2012       Look for internship

12/2012                     Take CPA Level 2 exam

05/2013                     Take CPA Level 3 exam

06/2013-08/2013       Look for internships

01/2014                     Modify the resume and submit resumes

05/2014                     Graduate

After 05/2014            Work for a company

2015                          Start up


To help me carry this plan, I will make a team with my classmates and ask for the comments from them. Based on their feedback, I will polish this Career Action. Once finally determining the plan, I will ask the team mate to help to carry out this plan.

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