The mission of this marketing strategy plan is to increase Halfords’ profit in bicycle market in Hull City during June to September 2011.A SWOT matrix based on a situational analysis of Halfords’ bicycle marketing environment shows that Halfords is weaker in Children’s bicycle market, which indicates a potential market. Hence ,this marketing plan takes children aged 3 to 10 as the target group and aims to increase 10% of sales of children’s bikes in Hull during June to September 2011.According to Ansoff Matrix, the penetration strategy is employed to expand current market with current products. In order to utilize this strategy , character bikes and balance bikes of Apollo will be offered as Apollo is the star product according to BCG matrix, which is high in both market growth and market share. Considering the Hull government policy and local economic condition ,products within this category are positioned as safe ,economic and must have. Accordingly , bundling and penetrating pricing strategies are adopted. Furthermore, multiple –channel strategy is used that sales are available through superstores ,online stores and telephone order. With respect to promotional strategies , advertising (print ad, website ad and outdoors ad), marketing collateral (brochures)and promotional activities (propagating safe cycling and sponsoring practical training )are combined.


Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. SWOT Matrix

3. Market Objective

3.1 Target Market

3.1.1 Demography

3.1.2 Characteristics

3.1.3 Behaviors

3.2 Product Offering

3.3 Product Position

4. Marketing Strategies

4.1 Product

4.1.1 Position Strategy

4.1.2 Tactics

4.2 Price

4.3 Place

4.3.1 Retail Stores

4.3.2 Online Store

4.3.3 Telephone Order

4.4 Promotion

4.4.1 Advertising

4.4.2 Marketing Collateral

4.4.3 Promotional Activities

5.Implementation and Control



Appendix 1 Implementation Plan

Appendix 2 Budget Plan