Personal and Professional Development Plan

Requirements of the Position of International Conference Manager

The job position I want to pursue after my graduation is international conference manager. Firstly, a good international conference manager must have excellent coordination skills as well as communication skills to liaise with different stakeholders involved and take their different needs into account. Secondly, good time management skill is crucial for the international conference manager to develop a detailed schedule of the conference event and make sure it runs smoothly. Besides, good emotional management skills are required for the manager to solve any complaints emerged and ensure good customer experience. In addition, an international manager should possess strong leadership skills to effectively motivate and drive the management team to deliver excellent performance. Meantime, high proficiency of English skill is a necessity for the position since English is the most widely used language in the world.

My Current Knowledge and Skills

At the moment, I have developed very good communication skills and good coordination skills from my internship experience as well as from my studying in the University. In terms of emotional management, I am able to stay calm under the pressure and I can leave my personal emotion behind when involved in team work. In the situation when other people become emotional in the team work, I can spot this emotional change quickly and develop appropriate strategy to cope with that to make sure their personal emotions will not influence the progress of the group work. However, my English skills are not satisfying especially my oral English skill since English is not my native language. Besides, I found it is difficult to lead the team effectively during the group work and sometimes I fail to hit the deadlines set by myself.

Identify the Gap

Firstly, I need to improve my English skills especially my spoken English skills which are very crucial to ensure the effective communication between the international conference manager and different stakeholders with different cultural backgrounds. Secondly, I need to further develop my time management skills. This is because a key stage of conference management is designing and planning the schedule for different events which require superb time management skills. Thirdly, I need to develop my leadership skills in order to drive the team to deliver the best performance. However, the leadership skills are very difficult to develop and it takes time to make progress. As a result, it is necessary to develop a long term plan to improve my leadership skills over time.

Filling the Gap

In order to improve my English language skills, I will adopt a deep learning approach which can allow me to make sense of what I have learned and consequently make the newly acquired knowledge long lasting (Ohlsson, 2011). Firstly, a daily schedule for studying English will be developed. More specifically, one hour will be spent on learning new words, and another hour will be spent on going over the words learned from previous day. This process can make the newly acquired words deeply rooted in my memory and finally make them become my knowledge. Besides, I will spend an hour daily listening to BBC radio for improve my listening skills and I will also actively engaged in talking with my native English speaking friends to improve my spoken English skills. Meantime, I will keep an individual learning log to record my learning progress. In order to improve my time management skills, I will develop targets and objectives for me to achieve on a daily basis. At the end of every day, I would go through a self reflection process to review whether I have successfully stuck to the schedule and hit the daily targets. If I failed to stick to any part of the schedule, I will think about the reason and try to avoid the situation happen again in the next day. The result to what extent I have stuck to the daily schedule will be recorded to monitor my development progress.

    In order to develop my leadership skills, I will firstly develop my knowledge of different leadership styles. For example, transactional approach to leadership tends to use conventional reward and punishment to motivate followers and this approach does not consider followers’ needs for development (Lussier and Achua, 2009). On the other hand, the transformational approach to leadership focuses on the development of followers and tends to motivate them intrinsically (Bass and Riggio, 2006). That is to say, certain approach to leadership might be more effective under some situations so it is important for me to firstly develop my knowledge about the strength and weakness of each leadership style. After that, I will take advantage of every group work opportunity to put myself forward as the leader and develop my leadership skills by applying relevant approaches to leadership at appropriate situations. Meanwhile, I will keep a self reflective diary to record the effectiveness of my leadership and identify the areas to improve.


Required Resource and Support

For improving my English skills, I will use my cell phone to listen to BBC radios and I will need an English dictionary to develop my vocabulary. Besides, I will seek support from my native English speaking friends to practise my spoken English. In terms of improving my time management skill, I will seek support from my personal tutor if I encountered any bottleneck which I cannot go through to improve my time management skills. In terms of developing my leadership skills, I will need feedback from group members who I work with to identify areas for improvement.

My Success Criteria

I will download English assessment paper online and complete it monthly to see if my English skills in written and listening have been improved. Also, I will use the feedback from my English speaking friends to determine if my spoken English skills have been developed. In terms of improving time management skills and leadership skills, my success criteria will be based on the evaluation of my individual learning diaries as well as my self-reflection records to determine my progress and achievement.

Review and Completion

I will review my progress of developing English skills on monthly basis. Similarly, the progress of my leadership skills will be evaluated monthly based on the self reflective diaries. For the development of my time management skills, I will review my progress every evening according to the number of daily targets been completed. Overall, the completion dates for the development of proposed areas are the end of the April next year and a final evaluation will be provided to find out how my skills have been developed during these months.


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