Letter 1 Peter Singer (Utilitarianism)

Dear Mr. Gekko,

I am Peter Singer. I am writing to share you my point of view with respect to your statement about greed.

In line with your idea, I believe that greed to some extend is good. The greed of humankind can function as a proactive motivation that makes people productive in pursuing greatest happiness(Singer,2010), which ,undeniably, is the ultimate end of mankind and considered as an ethical standard from the perspective of utilitarian morality(Mill,1998).However, I have to say that the unrestrained greed can be a disaster. As you can see, the Wall Street banker, Dennis Levine, who was not satisfied with his obtained  achievement, exchanged confidential information in order to make additional fortune(Singer,1993). Driven by an insatiable hunger for money, he finally end up in prison(Singer,1993). Even if Levine did not get caught and enjoyed his big fortune, I can hardly say greed is right or ethical .

When we judge an action is right or not , it is important to look into its consequence on all concerned(Singer,1993). ‘The ethical point of view, as we have seen, require us to go beyond a personal point of view to the standpoint of an impartial spectator’(Singer,1993,p.334). Back to Levine’s greed, he optimized his individual good at the expense of other companies. From an universe point of view, the general utility was not maximized as the gratification Levine gained from big fortune is offset by the loss of other people.

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