The Marketing Strategy of Crest in China


This paper analyzes the current situation based on the Crest, combined with advanced marketing management model SWOT, USP, STP, SMART, and 4P, analysis of the Crest brand disadvantage and competitive threats faced by China, proposed positioning, product pricing, selling mining marketing strategy to seize the Chinese market.


The United States P&G (Procter and Gamble) is one of the largest consumer products companies in the world, was founded in 1837, and has had 163 years of history so far. P&G has been established factories and offices in more than 70 countries and territories, which operate more than 300 brands sold in more than 140 countries and regions, including paper products, skin care and hair care products, medicines, cosmetics, cleaning products and food, etc. And Crest is the most influential oral hygiene brand which belongs to P&G.

“Continuous innovation to meet the latest needs of consumers” is the Crest brand has been pursuing the objective since 1955, the date it has been established in the United States. After into China, Crest even more firmly to implement this aim, for different needs of consumers in China, successfully launched the Crest fluoride toothpaste, the Crest double-effect white toothpaste, the Crest Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste, and the Crest toothbrush series, etc. These products have had the validation and accreditation, to be a famous brand in the field of the oral hygiene products, of the national dental prevention group, the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Stomatological Association.

SWOT analysis


1. The first originate the high effective fluoride mothproofing toothpaste, has proven by clinical trials, and has become the first mothproofing toothpaste approved by the world anti-authority organizations – the American Dental Association (ADA), the first mothproofing toothpaste brand, superior efficacy in mothproofing.

Crest is a well-known brand of P&G, from 1955 it has provided comprehensive oral care products continuously. The first originate the high effective fluoride mothproofing toothpaste, has proven by clinical trials, and has become the first mothproofing toothpaste approved by the world anti-authority organizations – the American Dental Association (ADA), the first mothproofing toothpaste brand. Crest is committed to developing the promotion of dental health and breath fresh quality products, established in the oral care industry leadership.

Crest toothpaste are Procter & Gamble’s competitive products in the oral care industry, have the reputation in the world, since the first birth of the Crest toothpaste in the United States, Crest has not stopped in technology innovation and exploration. “Continuous innovation to meet the latest needs of consumers” is the goal Crest pursuing and it is also the energy of Crest continuously

innovating and advancing.

Since 1955, launched the world’s first fluoride mothproofing toothpaste proved effective in clinical trials, Crest innovatively used silica friction agent in products in 1982, to provide consumers with better tooth protection. Since then, Crest has developed and produced first reduce gingivitis toothpaste proved effective in clinical trials. In 1985, Crest has introduced revolution-first tartar control toothpaste, the toothpaste in the field to truly become the pioneer and innovative leader.

After several years of development, Crest brand has become a famous brand renowned the field of oral care products in the United States, Europe, Asia and the world.

2. Relying on innovative modern enterprise-Procter & Gamble, attention to scientific research, technological development and personnel training, focusing on product quality and accelerate the process of localization of raw materials.

Crest belongs to P&G is an innovative modern enterprise, always attached importance to scientific research, technological development and personnel training, focusing on product quality and accelerate the process of localization of raw materials. P&G built up 19 major global technology research centers, with 8,300 scientific and technical research staff, including 2,000 with doctoral researcher. P&G annually invest over 1.7 billion in research funding, more than 20,000 on average annual patent applications. In China, P&G in order to have greater development in technology, P&G and Qinghua University create the world’s 18th major research center in April 1998 was inaugurated in Beijing. This will ensure that P&G’s global technical superiority, product research and development of advanced technology to create more suitable design products for Chinese consumers’ need.

3. Products are more diversifying than competitors (e.g. Colgate).

Crest adopt the multi-point attack of product strategy for the different needs of consumers, the successful launch of the Crest fluoride mothproofing toothpaste, the Crest white double-effect white toothpaste, the Crest-in-one herbal toothpaste, etc., are quite competitive, to compete with rivals to fully.


1. Later than the main rival Colgate to enter the Chinese market of full three years, the stability of inferior opponents brand

In 1992, Colgate took the lead entering the Mainland market, and Crest has to arrive late for three years. Step difference, Crest toothpaste market share in China has not been as Colgate, Crest has even less than about half of which is P & G has been able to put aside one thing.

When Crest appears, Colgate toothpaste has dominated the market in China, a comprehensive promotional campaign in full swing, and in the hearts of Chinese consumers to establish a very high brand loyalty, hard to shake the status of Colgate’s brands.

2. Continuously improve the products and diversification of products led to the product lines unstable.

Crest has a reputation for new product development and creativity. However, it remains vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may falter over time. In order to quickly seize the multi-market, increasing research and development of new products, and the series of actions resulted in too much and unstable product lines.


1. 2008, the first time applied Stannous-Fluoride system to products, and bring the professional oral care formulations into the people’s daily life firstly, as an opportunity to build up a complete family oral health care system, develop the sales of oral care subsidiary products, and enhance the unique USP(selling proposition).

The “health expert” series of Crest that is used of the new Stannous-Fluoride system, Stannous – Fluoride has been used for professionals dental caries and Kang dentin sensitivity in dental hospitals and clinics. But for various technical bottlenecks, Stannous-Fluorine cannot be widely used in toothpaste. More than ten years, Crest Oral Care Research Institute has been specializing in the Stannous-Fluorine oral care in the family application. After nearly a thousand experts’ endeavors around the world, the “Stannous-Fluorine System” has established finally. It embodies the nearly Crest global R&D staffs’ effort, and it is also the crystallization of the scientists’ great concentration study which lasting nearly a decade.

2. Improve the Chinese students in remote areas of oral health literacy, strengthening the ESP ( emotional selling proposition)

Facing of China’s economic and market situation, for the Chinese students in remote areas to carry out oral health knowledge popularization activities, and fund contributions activities to build up corporate brand image, to guide and enhance the public produce good consumption attachment experience, with affinity, enhance advertising publicity.


1. Accumulative local enterprises and other foreign brands to actively seize the oral care market in China

“Cold acid spirit”, “pseudo-ginseng”, “Blue Sky 6 Bristol” and other domestic brands in the market has experienced a baptism, the marketing and brand management concepts gradually matured. They avoid direct confrontation with foreign brands, in the “oral care in old age” and “herbal care,” such a big fuss market segments achieved good results. While many foreign brands such as LG, Black, Anyway has also started to target the Chinese market vigorously promoted, resulting a second-tier brand competition situation. From the growth indicators, new foreign brands can be said to be potentially very strong, good prospects.

2. With the increasingly fiercer competition, the difference among brands has been dimmer and dimmer.

China’s consumer health concepts in the ongoing changes, to take care of themselves and their families from the mouth from the beginning of the advertising messages constantly flooding affect each consumer buying behavior, from the past into a single tool for cleaning teeth calcium, and anti-acid, moth, etc., a variety of names, a new toothpaste products have sprung up, it is a moment dazzling. The Chinese market from the original situation of the Three Kingdoms are divided into pieces at once, there has been the brand to re-shuffle of the phenomenon.

3. Play mothproofing as the strong card, limit competitive selling point.

In the increasingly competitive market situation, moth cannot meet the market needs, oral health care products related to diversity in the short term and cannot take a strong position within their respective fields, the final piece of moth of the signs will also be other The looting of the brand, so to look for a Crest product excitement will face a big challenge, grasp the product positioning of the transition will also be a crucial step.

USP analysis

Unique Selling Proposition

1. Continue to implement the medical professional image of oral health.

Although there when the Crest, the Colgate toothpaste has dominated the market, but the Crest come in on a market seized the high ground – to prevent tooth decay, which was well received by consumers of dental terms as if, is a very attractive little promise. The commitment of Crest comes from the P&G researchers new-found a way to effectively prevent tooth decay substances, Stannous-Fluoride. In 1955, P & G succeeded in melting the substance into the toothpaste formulation, introduced the first fluoride toothpaste, Crest quickly achieved a market share of about 10%, which is a new brand to come in said to have been very easy. Crest has been able to have such success, not only because it has the latest moth material, and more is that it was behind a beautiful chess – After many years of application and effort, and finally secured in 1960 the United States Dental Association (ADA) certification: If done periodically brushing and dental check-ups can be effective in preventing tooth decay Crest. While Colgate has followed the launch of its stannous fluoride toothpaste, but until 1969, he earned the American Dental Association, Colgate this recognition. By this time, Crest has gained the image of the professional anti-moth, its toothpaste sales are over Colgate in 1961 for the first time, to become the leader of the U.S. toothpaste market, brand, the position was maintained until the 20th century, 70s.

Thus, in the field of oral health care, medical authorities of the image cannot be ignored

2. Combine the Rational appeal and the emotional appeal, strengthening the emotional interaction with the consumer while highlighting the technology leader in products (e.g. family warm theme).

Crest’s main rival – Colgate toothpaste, a secret of success is to spread knowledge of marketing to complement its “oral care expert” branding. 100 years, Colgate is promoting oral health education in the world, the “Our goal: No tooth decay,” the advertisement, although still rather simple and enjoys popular support. In order to promote their ideas, Colgate global ad spending each year 1.8 million in advertising in China is about 100 million yuan. Colgate in the global promotion of the “sweet smile, bright future,” oral health education program, has more than 80 countries and regions in the implementation of the benefit of school children each year more than 5,000 people. Into China at the beginning, Colgate also active with the Chinese government began in China around the introduction of oral care education programs, and to their traditional oral health education program to China to. In addition, Colgate also cooperate with the Chinese Stomatological Association of Oral Medicine and timely coverage of the latest international technology, and oral health education activity to lower consumption of toothpaste in Western China. To Colgate with the Chinese consumer’s emotional interaction seized the opportunities, but also because of the emotional appeals successfully established a good brand image.

Therefore, the rational appeal of science based on the appropriate emotional appeal is necessary.


STP analysis


Russell L. Haley of the toothpaste market segmentation research in the U.S. marketing industry has been widely recognized. To specify, we form a group to understand the toothpaste market segmentation conditions, Table 1 is the four aspects of the toothpaste market segments







For the Basic Interests

Taste, Package

Bright white teeth

Dental care


Demographic Focus of People





Behavior of Special

Preference for fragrance toothpaste


Heavy users

Heavy users

Personality Characteristics

A high degree of self-involvement

High social

Focus on health

High autonomy

Active Lifestyle Characteristics






As shown in the table, feeling the first market-oriented market, its consumer targets mostly those involved in higher self, the pursuit of hedonistic lifestyle of the consumer with multiple features. Colgate is quite successful in this market. The second segment is a community-based market, primarily those that are interested in his bright white teeth to consumers. Super clean in this market the most influential brand. The third segment is a health-based market, pursuing to the interests of the toothpaste which prevent dental caries important. Most of its users come from repeated use of the family toothpaste, focusing on health and dental hygiene. Crest popularity even in this market. The fourth segment is called an independent-type market. They make a purchase of any merchandise decisions will take into account the value of the product itself, often in love with undercut commodity. In accordance with the above-mentioned way to describe market segments, the more accurate it will find the corresponding form of advertising.


From Table 1 that we can easily find that taking into account China’s national conditions and Crest’s own product advantages, we should be for the third type of market – fear-based market, China’s family-oriented, while the other three types of moderate concern consumption characteristics of the market, adding the appropriate regulatory component.


For fear-based market, with emphasis on oral care product position, combined with the characteristics and direction of the market economy into the appropriate industry-related elements.


Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based

1. Take the major cities of China (first line, second-tier cities) as the main market research;

2. Market share, product line sales growth and customer satisfaction are the oriented triple measure;

3. To go beyond the basic objectives of rival Colgate is the major target;

4. Respectively, on a quarterly basis, according to the annual survey and assessment, and timely correction scheme is given next.



Mainly to Crest mothproofing toothpaste series to fight, the other series for the potential strength of toothpaste products, related oral care products (e.g. toothbrush, whitening strips) as partner products to marketing.


High-end product prices remain unchanged, the end product appropriate to adjust the light of major competitors, low-end products with affinity for the price gradually penetrate and expand the sales market


Major cities of China as the main target markets, and other markets as the penetration and propaganda markets with the low price.


Take the authority rational appeal of the oral health as the main, into innovative, caring nature, close to the people element of emotional appeals.


Facing with the major competitor- Colgate, as well as emerging local oral care brands, Crest has its unique competitive advantages and market opportunities, but as the product of growing international competition, technological innovation and advanced marketing tools use, making the brand is becoming increasingly Crest invasion, the differences between the brand has become more vague. Finally to emphasize that the oral health of veterans as a class brands, in order to time always in the forefront of the market, timely and effective market information updates and consumer demand for mining is to seize the market, the market advantage of the pulse of the market, leading the competition in the market direction top priority


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